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Friday, May 03, 2013

meRi daastan ... MY STORY ♥
< Part 8 >

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Me and He began talking... and sharing things... and talking the whole day. They just couldn't stay apart. Even though Me had lost trust in He, but she still waited for his call, to hear his voice everyday.
Phone had become her favourite companion!

It's said that where there is love, words are not necessary.
But this story did need words. Me wasn't going to say anything. And He was hiding his feelings, as usual.

Until One Day................When He finally decided to express his love for Me.


Oh!! How Me had waited to hear those magic words from he... She always wanted that, desired that, dreamet of that... and finally all was coming true for her!...
There had been a thousand and one crushes, but Me had always loved He!

He expressed his love....

" i love you "


3 simple words conveying an ocean of feelings in He's heart! :)
No famous phrases, no long lines... Just 3 words .. ever-lasting word!


Me's happiness knew no bounds. She finally got He's love. She was He's Love.

She had found herself in him!

Me could just smile, and blush and smile more. Words just weren't coming out, but what was necessary did came out ..

" i love you too ... "

Thus began their story...

How important is it to express what one has in their heart!...
Hearts are broken, when words are left unspoken!


"Sometimes you say somethings, so special,
taking me away from myself, pushing me closer towards you,
and forcing me to fall in love with you - all over again! <3"


< its not the end... its just a beginning of a journey that would never end! :) >

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